Solvent Recovery Systems

Solvent Recovery Systems

Wintek Corporation’s solvent recovery systems reclaim precious solvents during industrial processing. Our systems are custom-designed by Winteks experienced engineers to recover solvents by optimizing the configuration of condensers, receivers, and vacuum pumps in a packaged system. Additionally, all components arrive on-site pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory tested in order to assure proper operation. Wintek is capable of providing threaded or welded packages meeting ANSI B31.3 code, with materials in carbon steel, stainless steel, or Hastelloy. Wintek also offers a wide range of instrumentation, control, and local/remote panel options to fit the needs of the customer and meet the local area classification.

Many industries use the systems including the chemical, pharmaceutical, metal powders, flavor and fragrance, and PET solid-state businesses.  In many cases, we are also sealing a liquid ring pump with one of these high vapor pressure solvents to maximize recovery and reduce the potential contamination or environmental concerns. However, this requires extensive knowledge of how equipment, such as a booster, is impacted by sealing a pump with a potentially high vapor pressure solvent, even when operating a deep vacuum. Wintek relies on 30+ years of experience in the industry to ensure the equipment is properly design.

Wintek’s equips our solvent recovery systems with:

  • A heat exchanger to condense the incoming process stream
  • A condensate receiver to accumulate the condensed solvent
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps sealed with the condensable solvent to maximize recovery
  • All the necessary controls to facilitate system operation

Wintek also builds its solvent recovery systems to all the relevant codes (ASME, ANSI B31.3, and area classification).

Additionally, the customer dictates the materials used in the construction (typically carbon steel, stainless steel, or Hastelloy).

Example Vacuum Solvent Recovery System
VSR for Filter / Dryer. 160 ft2 Condenser, 150-gallon receiver, 25 hp Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Air Jet

Vacuum Solvent Recovery System