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Vacuum Pump Parts and Service

With over 30+ years of designing and operating process vacuum and separation systems, Wintek’s staff is adept at acquiring the appropriate part, vacuum pump repair, and also resolves issues to keep systems operational. Wintek also has service engineers trained to perform on-site vacuum system part replacements, repairs and maintenance. If an on-site call is not required, Wintek provides over-the-phone troubleshooting for all Wintek process vacuum systems. Please call or submit an inquiry in order to get a quote on any of the items listed below or a repair service call.

Over time, certain components of Wintek’s process vacuum system require scheduled repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear. Typical parts that require replacement are demister pad and filter elements on our knockout pots, and a large variety of components of our liquid ring vacuum pumps. Depending on many factors, Wintek provides major or minor vacuum pump repair kits to keep our pumps running as long as possible. To minimize process down time, Wintek recommends keeping a replacement pump on the shelf for easy swapping out for scheduled maintenance or any issues that may arise.

Wintek supplies the following categories of vacuum system parts to provide on-going support of our equipment:

process vacuum system, large pre-condenser, steam-jet, jet-condenser, liquid ring vacuum pump
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