Flash Evaporation Systems

Flash Evaporation System

Methanol recovery applications and other complex separations use evaporation systems designed and sold by Wintek. Flash evaporation systems utilize heat and vacuum to separate two components which have different boiling points. For multi-component processes, flash evaporation separates the more volatile component from the less volatile component by reducing the pressure. The separation occurs in a flash drum maintained at constant temperature. This design optimizes energy input and is often more cost efficient than conventional distillation systems. Distillation requires a large energy input and thorough design. In addition, Wintek designs flash evaporation systems for situations where distillation is not available, considered too costly, or unnecessary for the components being separated.

Wintek’s flash evaporation systems incorporate additional separation techniques beyond simply applying heat and vacuum. Including demister elements, inlet diffusers and level switches also increases the possible separation. As a result, our systems achieve excellent product purity while maintaining high recovery rates. Wintek utilizes its 30+ years in vacuum solvent recovery to optimize the design for low boiling components.

Wintek’s flash evaporator designs can be shipped as fully pre-engineered skid-mounted units that are piped and wired. A variety of options are available to help our customer transport these skids around their location, such as casters and fork lift holes. Our systems can also sell individual components to meet our customer’s requirements. We supply engineering start-up support on all of our systems sold as requested by customers and can also arrange system shipment to locations worldwide.

Wintek has extensive experience designing and supplying flash evaporator systems for the production of ASTM-spec bio-diesel, including: feed oil dehydration, Methanol Recovery from Biodiesel or glycerin, and bio-diesel dehydration.