Flash Evaporation Systems

Flash Evaporation System

Flash Evaporation Systems utilize heat and vacuum to separate a high boiling component from a lower boiling component. They are mainly utilized in situations where distillation is not available, too costly, and unnecessary for the separation of the components being processed.

Wintek’s Flash Evaporation Systems utilize additional separation techniques beyond simply applying heat and vacuum and can achieve good product purity while maintaining high recovery rates. Wintek utilizes its 30+ years in vacuum solvent recovery to optimize the design for low boiling components.

Wintek’s flash evaporator designs can be shipped as fully pre-engineered skid mounted units that are piped and wired, or sold as components with engineering support supplied as required.

Wintek has extensive experience designing and supplying flash evaporator systems for the production of ASTM spec biodiesel, including: Feed Oil Dehydration, Methanol Recovery from Biodiesel or Glycerin, and Biodiesel Dehydration.