Industries & Applications

Application of Vacuum Technology

Wintek has experience applying vacuum and separation technologies across a wide industry spectrum. The table below highlights the applications and industries in which Wintek has designed/operated process or separation systems using vacuum pumps.

Please contact us if you have one of these applications that requires vacuum or separation technologies.

Vacuum & Separation ApplicationsAlternative EnergyBuilding MaterialsChemicalsEnvironmentalFood & BeverageMetals & MiningOil & GasPaper & PackagingPharmaceuticalPlastics & RubberPower Generation
Ethanol DehydrationXXX
Isopropyl Alcohol DehydrationX
Methanol DehydrationXX
Methanol RecoveryX
Soil Vapor ExtractionX
Solvent RecoveryXXXXXX
Vacuum DeaerationXXX
Vacuum DegassingXXX
Vacuum DepositionX
Vacuum DistillationXXXXX
Vacuum DryingXX
Vacuum EvacuationXXXX
Vacuum ExtrusionX
Vacuum FiltrationXXX
Vacuum Flash CoolingX
Vacuum FormingXX
Vacuum Hold DownXXX
Vacuum ImpregnationX
Vacuum PrimingXX
Vacuum SterilizationX