Boosted Liquid Ring Systems

Boosted Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Boosted Liquid Ring Vacuum System | Complex Vacuum SystemsIn many process applications, liquid ring vacuum pumps (LRVP) are the preferred vacuum pumps for many applications due to their inherent high reliability, forgiving design, and low maintenance. The major drawback to LRVPs is the limited deep vacuum capability due to the sealant vapor pressure. However, adding boosters to the inlet of the liquid ring pump allows the system to operate below the normal limit of 25 Torr.

While the booster extends the operating range of the liquid ring system, it also adds a great deal of complexity. Wintek takes from more than 30 years of experience in designing boosted systems to ensure that the booster can operate safely over the entire operating range, avoids overheating, and that the liquid ring pump can adequately back the booster even with contaminations of solvents. Wintek has also developed a proprietary sizing program that is capable of simulating complex vacuum systems with a variety of process conditions and components.

Wintek has designed system with capacity as much as 10,000 ACFM and systems capable of operating at 0.03 Torr with liquid ring pumps backing them. This is something that many other vendors are not capable of doing. It is important to understand the capabilities of any potential boosted system supplier to avoid purchasing a system that does not provide a full operating range or is constantly overheating and shutting down.