About Wintek

Over 35 years of process vacuum and separation system design and operation

Wintek is a leading provider of custom vacuum systems. Our expertise in process vacuum system design and operation includes: Liquid RingRotary Vane, Once-Thru-Oil Rotary Vane, and Dry Vacuum Pumps. Depending on the application, we may recommend multi-stage hybrid designs. These can include 1st stage lobe blowers (boosted) or steam jets, which increase the performance of a system.

Wintek provides options to increase the longevity of the vacuum systems we design and sell. We also provide quotes for knockout pots. These are used to protect the vacuum system from process carryover for dirtier processes. The vessels decrease the amount of damage the carryover particles can do to the pump, increasing the system’s performance.

Our designs include switches that alert operators when the pump is in danger of flooding or cavitation. Custom control panels are also offered which make start-up operation easy.

Wintek has designed hundreds of industrial vacuum systems using industrial vacuum pumps from Busch, Dekker Vacuum (DVT), Kinney, Intervac, Nash, Rietschle, Robuschi, Siemens, SiHi, Stokes, and Travaini.

The demand has been steadily increasing within the alcohol dehydration segment. Wintek has met this demand by patenting its Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units (MSDUs). These units provide significant energy savings for processes with less than 15% water. We have a designed a number of these MSDUs still in operation.

Our engineers carefully review a customer’s requirements to provide the best solution that limits the risks and cost of downtime. We work with you to explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of the equipment we’re configuring so that you can understand the reasoning behind our design. Our vacuum system design philosophy exists to ensure the highest reliability and value for your project’s budget.