Ethanol Dehydration

Wintek Ethanol Dehydration MSDUEthanol is commonly used for CBD Oil Extraction. Ethanol extraction involves introducing the solvent ethanol to the hemp or cannabis plant to extract the cannabinoids. Ethanol extraction can produce cannabis oil with up to 99 percent purity, meaning a higher quality end product than CBD oil extracted through other techniques.

During this process the ethanol accumulates water (~5-10% by mass), thus rendering it unsuitable for reuse. Wintek designs and operates Ethanol Dehydration Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units (MSDUs) custom-designed to remove water content to allow for ethanol recycling/re-use.

Wintek’s Ethanol Dehydration MSDUs are high efficiency designs providing:

  • Ability to process from ½ gpm to over 25 gpm of wet alcohols/solvents
  • 90-95% solvent recovery rates
  • Energy consumption less than competing technologies
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Ability to handle a wide variation in feed concentrations (0-10% water by volume, up to 15% possible).
  • Provide high purity: Standard Dryness: >99.5% (<5,000 ppm water)