Dehydration Systems

Molecular Sieve and Membrane Dehydration Units

Wintek’s molecular sieve dehydration units (MSDUs) utilize surface adsorption via molecular sieve beads to dehydrate alcohols and other solvents. Additionally, drying wet gas streams use our MSDUs. Our MSDUs are able to overcome limitations faced by conventional distillation, such as azeotropes, and frequently use less energy. This is because molecular sieve dehydration utilizes physical separation, rather than thermodynamic separation. The sieve beads remove and trap water molecules within them to achieve separation from the product. Using our expertise in vacuum technology, process vacuum systems then remove the entrapped water and regenerate the drying capabilities of the sieve beads.

Wintek offers custom designed, pre-packaged and pre-piped units for both Liquid Phase and Gas Phase adsorption. We work with your process parameters to design the appropriate system for your needs. Our patented molecular sieve dehydration unit designs allow for continuous product dehydration, which yield consistent dryness levels.

Wintek has MSDUs in operation internationally dehydrating ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and others. Our expert engineers offer on-site start up and trouble-shooting advice whenever needed. If interested in speaking to one of our engineers, please fill out the MSDU inquiry form by pressing the button at the top of this page.

Additionally, Wintek builds and operates Membrane-based Dehydration Systems which are utilized in environments where incoming water percentages preclude the usage of molecular sieve technology.

gas phase msdu molecular sieve dehydration unit

Wintek SN 130114: Ethanol dehydration MSDU, 1.75 gpm methanol/water mix with 5.0 wt% water, dehydrated to 99.5 wt% water