Hybrid Jet Liquid Ring Systems

Vacuum Jet Ejector Systems

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum Systems

One method of extending the operating range for liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP) systems is through the usage of vacuum jet ejectors, either a Steam Jet or and Air Jet. Both jets are capable of handling upsets (liquid carry-over) without damage resulting in minimal effects on operations.

Hybrid Steam Jet Liquid Ring Vacuum SystemSteam Jet/ LRVP Hybrid

Hybrid steam jet/ liquid ring vacuum systems combine steam jets, or multiple jets, backed by condenser and liquid ring vacuum system. The jets utilize steam as the motive fluid which allows for fairly high single-stage compression ratios. Hybrid steam jet systems are capable of operation at 0.1 mmHgA and less.

Thus, Steam jet systems are best used in applications where steam is already available and the end-user is not concerned with adding water to the vapor stream.

Hybrid Air Jet Liquid Ring Vacuum SystemAir Jet / LRVP Hybrid

Air jet liquid ring packages feature either atmospheric or pressurized air jets backed by liquid ring pumps. If using a recycled atmospheric motive air source you can minimize emissions from the system which can be a benefit in many situations. Also, atmospheric jets require no additional utilities because the motive fluid is air from the separator tank.

Atmospheric jets are typically capable of operation at 10 mmHgA. Thus, they are the most common method for extending the operating range of the liquid ring pump. However, they add to the required capacity of the liquid ring system via the motive fluid. Therefore, they are most practical in relatively smaller capacity applications.