Process Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Systems

Wintek has over 30 years of experience designing custom process vacuum systems for a wide variety applications and industries and is a capable of utilizing many different vacuum technologies to supply the most reliable and cost effective design for the application. Our equipment is commonly used on many different types of process equipment including vacuum dryers, batch reactors, filter dryers, extruders, distillation columns, evaporators, etc. Wintek has designed systems operating continuously as low as 30 microns.

Process Vacuum SystemWintek leverages its extensive background in vacuum technology to design custom systems to specifically meet the customer’s needs. Wintek regularly designs and supplies systems utilizing a wide variety of equipment: Solvent recovery liquid ring packages, vacuum boosters, air ejectors, hybrid steam jet condensers, dry pumps, rotary vane and rotary pistons. We are not locked into a specific technology and will always select the type of system we feel is best suited for the application in terms of cost and reliability.