Process Vacuum Systems

Wintek has over 30+ years of experience designing custom process vacuum systems for a wide variety applications and industries. Our engineers utilize many different vacuum technologies to supply the most reliable and cost effective design for every application.

Many different types of process equipment use our systems to pull vacuum. For example, these include vacuum dryers, batch reactors, filter dryers, extruders, distillation columns, evaporators, etc.

Wintek has designed industrial vacuum systems systems operating continuously to as low as 30 microns (0.03 Torr).

Process Vacuum System

Wintek SN 050317: Double Drum Dryer, Vaporizing Ammonia at 35°F (65.4 psia)

Leveraging its extensive background in vacuum technology, Wintek designs custom systems to specifically meet the customer’s needs.

Types of Process Vacuum Systems

Wintek regularly designs and supplies systems utilizing a wide variety of equipment designs. For example:

Solvent Recovery Vacuum Systems: The solvent in the process stream is condensed and collected in a vacuum receiver. Then, a pump transfers the solvent to a desired location within a facility for storage or reuse.

Boosted Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems: Industrial vacuum systems that are required to operate below the vapor pressure of the sealant in the liquid ring vacuum pump. In fact, Wintek often uses rotary lobe blowers to help achieve this deep vacuum.

Steam or Air-Jet Assisted Vacuum Systems: Industrial vacuum systems whereby motive air or steam enables the vacuum system to operate below the vapor pressure of the sealant in the liquid ring vacuum pump.

Oil-Sealed Process Vacuum Systems: Oil has a lower vapor pressure than typical liquid ring vacuum pumps. Thus, enabling the end-user to obtain lower operating pressures than a water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump as an example.

Wintek does not focus on a specific type of system design. As experts of vacuum technology, we will always select the type of system we feel best suits the application in terms of price and reliability.