Solvent Recovery

Solvent recovery is a form of waste reduction. An alternative to solvent replacement to reduce waste generation is in–process solvent recovery. Availability of equipment suitable for small operations, especially batch operations, make in–process recovery of solvents economically preferable to raw materials substitution

Solvent Recovery Vacuum Systems

Many industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, metal powders, flavor and fragrance, and PET solid-state manufacturing uses solvent recovery vacuum systems.

Also, solvent recovery vacuum systems are often used in conjunction with the following equipment:

  • Vacuum Dryers
  • Batch Reactors
  • Filter / Dryers
  • Granulators

Moreover, Wintek has experience helping customer recover the following solvents, among others:

  • acetonitrile
  • decane
  • ethanol
  • isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • limonene
  • methanol
  • mineral spirits
  • toluene
  • xylene

Altogether, Wintek utilizes a liquid ring vacuum pump sealed with one of these high vapor pressure solvents to maximize recovery and reduce potential contamination or environmental concerns. This requires an extensive knowledge of how equipment such as boosters are affected when sealing a pump with a potentially high vapor pressure solvent, even when operating at deep vacuum.

solvent recovery condenser/receiver tank, liquid ring vacuum system
Wintek Solvent Recovery System for Filter / Dryer. 160 ft2 Condenser, 150 gallon receiver, 25ho Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump w/ Air-jet