MSDU Systems

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units

Wintek’s molecular sieve dehydration units (MSDUs) utilize surface adsorption via molecular sieve beads to dehydrate alcohols and other solvents. Dry wet gas streams also uses our MSDUs. Our MSDUs are able to overcome limitations faced by conventional distillation, such as azeotropes, and frequently use less energy. Wintek offers custom designed, pre-packaged, pre-piped units for both Liquid Phase and Gas Phase adsorption and can work with your process parameters to design the appropriate system for your needs.

Wintek has MSDU systems in operation internationally dehydrating, ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and others.

Ethanol MSDU Dehydration System

wintek ethanol dehydration MSDU system
Wintek SN 130114: Ethanol dehydration MSDU, 1.75 gpm methanol/water mix with 5.0 wt% water, dehydrated to 99.5 wt% water