Gas Phase MSDU

Gas Phase Molecular Sieve Dehydration

Pressure Swing Adsorption

Gas Phase Molecular Sieve Dehydration SystemThe Gas Phase molecular sieve design passes a wet alcohol (or solvent) stream in vapor state at a controlled pressure through a column filled with molecular sieve beads.  As the vapors pass through the bed of molecular sieve beads, water is drawn into the internals of the beads by polar attraction, leaving the remaining vapors dehydrated as they exit the column.

At a defined cycle time, the gas flow is diverted to a second mole sieve column to allow the process vapors to be continuously dehydrated, while the first mole sieve column is regenerated.

Regeneration is accomplished by reducing the pressure and/or by pulling a vacuum on the column, while using a purge gas to help strip the water out of the molecular sieve beads. Commonly used purge gasses are N2 or process solvent that has already been dehydrated by the column. Some designs use up to 30% of the process flow as a purge gas. However, Wintek is able to accomplish this using only 5-10%.

Wintek’s Patented Gas Phase MSDUs are high efficiency designs that:

  • Provide 90-95% solvent recovery rates
  • Consume less energy than competing technologies
  • Require minimal operator intervention
  • Are designed to handle a wide variation in feed concentrations (0-10% water by volume, up to 15% possible).
  • Provide high purity:
    • Standard Dryness: 99.5% (5,000 ppm water)
    • Extra Dry: 99.9% (1,000 ppm water)
    • Ultra-Dry: 99.95% (500 ppm water)
  • Process from ½ gpm to over 25 gpm of wet alcohols/solvents
  • Deliver as packaged units, fully piped and wired