Separation Systems

Separation Systems

In addition to traditional Process Vacuum Systems, Wintek designs and manufactures two types of Separation Systems: Flash Evaporation Systems and Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units (MSDU).

Flash Evaporation

Wintek’s Flash Evaporation Systems can be utilized in applications where distillation is too expensive, and the separation can be achieved using a simple flash. Wintek has extensive experience designing flash evaporator systems for the biodiesel industry including Feed Oil Dehydration, Methanol Recovery from Biodiesel or Glycerin, and Biodiesel Dehydration.

Flash Evaporation Systems | Wintek Design
Example Wintek Flash Evaporation System

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units

Wintek’s MSDUs utilize surface adsorption to dehydrate alcohols and other solvents, as well as gas streams. The process is capable of breaking distillation limits due to the presence of azeotropes. Depending on the starting conditions and desired endpoints Wintek offers prepackaged, pre-piped units for both Liquid Phase and Gas Phase adsorption.

Molecular Sieve Dehyrdation Unit | MSDU
Example Wintek Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit