Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing

Application Descriptions

  • Degassing: Removal or air and/or other gases from viscous materials
  • Plastic Extrusion: Removal of vent gases (volatile components and water) from the extruder during processing
  • Reactor Evacuation: Removal of the product of a reaction during processing to remove product from the reactor
  • Removal of Steam from Molds: Evacuation of water vapor from molds
  • Solvent Recovery: Removing and recovering solvents during plastics processing
  • Thermoforming: Vacuum is used to keep air pockets from forming during molding
  • Vacuum Forming: Vacuum is used to keep air pockets from forming during molding
  • Water Stripping: Water is pulled out of various products in the industry, most notably for PET applications

Extruder Vacuum Systems

Wintek has supplied over 200 vacuum systems for use on extruder venting applications and supplies vacuum systems to several of the largest extruder manufacturers.

Vacuum systems can range from simple once-thru or Full Recovery water liquid ring vacuum systems operating at 20″HgV to more sophisticated higher vacuum systems complete with Knock-out Pots, Condensers.

Carryover is always a concern with extruders, so most systems are liquid ring vacuum pumps with inlet strainers, filters, or inlet Knock-out Pots. Much less frequently Once-thru-Oil vane pumps are utilized.

Extruder Vacuum Pump System | Full Recovery Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System
Full Recovery Liquid Ring w/ inlet basket strainer and removable top separator.


Thermoforming requires rapid evacuation to a deep vacuum while the plastic sheeting is still hot. Too slow of an evacuation will result in improper corner formation. To keep the equipment costs to a minimum, this is accomplished by using a vacuum balancing tank with automatic valves and a properly sized vacuum system, based on cycle times. Wintek has supplied many systems on thermoforming, both dedicated vacuum pumps and central vacuum systems. Pumps are typically either rotary vane or oil sealed liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Air-Cooled Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump | Vmax
Vmax: air-cooled liquid ring.