Application Descriptions

  • Battery Manufacturing – Plate Drying: Used to completely dry battery plates at low temperatures (positive plates must not be subjected to high temperatures)
  • Bottling & Packaging: Vacuum is used to convey powders and fill bottles
  • Solvent Vapor Recovery: Vacuum systems are used to aid in the removal and recovery of solvents in various applications
  • Vacuum Batch Stills: Distillation at vacuum allows for products to be vaporized at lower temperatures so components with high bubble points can be distilled more economically. Vacuum distillation can also be used to “break” an azeotrope allowing for higher percent yields.
  • Vacuum Drying: Vacuum is widely used in drying processes to lower the drying temperature for temperature sensitive products and to reduce energy costs
  • Vacuum Filtration: Vacuum is used to speed filtration by increasing the pressure differential across the filter media